Lichadonisia (Lichades) is a total of seven islands (and some small ones) and islets located in the north-western part of Evia, At the sea that joins Maliakos with the Northern Evial Gulf is the position of Lichadonisia. In fact, on the opposite side, there is the settlement of Lichada from the side of Evia and Kamena Vourla from the side of Fthiotida.


These isles were created by volcanic activity. A large part of them was sunk because of the great earthquake which occured in the 5th century BC, namely in 426 BC. Their name (Lichades) owes it to a slave of Hercules, named Licha, who gave him the chiton that Deianira had intended for him. The myth tells us that Hercules considered Licha responsible for the chiton and threw him into the sea. From his body and blood, therefore, Lichades were formed.


Monolia is the biggest islet of Lichades. In the complex of Lichadonisia, Monolia is the northernmost. Then, comes the Megali Stroggyli which is the next largest and it is the southernmost of the complex. Among the aforementioned, there are other islets such as Vagia, Mikri Stroggyli, Vorias, Limani and Steno. There are also other small ones known as Pontikonisia. In the southern part of Monolia there are buildings from the settlement of the island that are stil saved. The number of inhabitants reached the 70 in the year 1928, however since the 1960s and then the settlement was abandoned almost entirely.


A family of seals have been living for years in Lichadonisia. They chose this land to live permanently. Nowadays, Lichadonisia is an extremely popular tourist destination.


Lichadonisia – The Beach




The crystal clear waters of Lichadonisia and the beach are among the most beautiful places in the area. The verdant scenery and the divine gold sand compose the perfect place for you to make your dives. The waters are shallow and warm for many meters inside the coast. You can find umbrellas and sun loungers if you arrive early. The place is small and in the weekend is flouded by visitors. Surely, you can use your towel if you cant find sun loungers to enjoy the sea and the Greek sun. Many people approach the point with their boat and prefer to enjoy their dives in private.




Lichadonisia – Access


Monolia is elongated and has a small bay that has the utility of a natural harbor. Those who have their own boat have the opportunity to reach the island from the side of Maliakos, which is opposite to the villages of Achladi, Raches and Karavomylos or even from the enchanting Evia.


If you want to get to Lichadonisia, you ll need to take a boat from Kamena Vourla (Lichadonisia I and Lichadonisia II) which itineraries take place on a daily basis.