Kamena Vourla and Agios Konstantinos

Kamena Vourla has been built in a beautiful place in the prefecture of Fthiotida across the coast of northern Evia. In fact, it is a narrow passage of land that lies between the sea of the Northern Evoikos Gulf and the verdant Knemidas mountain that stands above and behind the town of Kamena Vourla.


Kamena Vourla – Hot Springs


Καμ Βουρλα

Kamena Vourla is one of the most popular tourist destinations and one of the most complete and largest tourist resorts in Central Greece. The history of their tourist tradition goes back a long way, namely in 1926. At that time, the chemist Michael Pertesis discovered the great healing properties of the sources in the wider region. Essentially, he discovered that the radon content in the waters is superior to the corresponding sources in Europe and truly unique.

Thus, in the mid-30s began the exploitation of these sources. Modern, innovative and luxurious hotel units were built that made the most of the thermal waters. Apart from providing thermal water services, the hotel units offered quiet and unique holidays to the visitors. Over the years, Kamena Vourla has gained a tremendous reputation for the high quality of its tourist benefits. In this way, they attracted an international reputation from around the world.

Nowadays, Kamena Vourla continues to be a popular tourist destination, combining perfectly the mountain with the sea. This magnificent landscape is comprised of the tourist facilities with the beautiful taverns by the sea and the nightlife with the peaceful stay according to the needs of each visitor. The beach of Kamena Vourla is a perfect destination for sailing and swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Northern Euboikos. In the coastal zone of Kamena Vourla, visitors can taste the delicious fish of the area or enjoy their coffee over the serene waters of the bay. When the spot is dominated by apnea, the enchanting landscape gives the visitor the impression of being on the shores of a magnificent lake.


Kamena Vourla – Attractions


Καμενα Βούρλα

Visitors to Kamena Vourla can come in contact with a host of sites and monuments and learn a few things about the history of the place. One of these monuments is the Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior, or the Monastery of Agia, with its katholikon dated back to the 11th century AD! The holy monastery is located about 5 kilometers from Kamena Vourla and follows a unique uphill route that offers a magnificent view of the entire bay. The visibility reaches several miles away, even to the distant Pelion. The historical monument of Thermopylae with the statue of King Leonidas stands out and is the long-standing message of the courage and fervor of the Greeks over the centuries. The village of Karyes is relatively close to Kamena Vourla and is one of the most enchanting and beautiful villages of the Prefecture of Fthiotida.


Kamena Vourla – Access


Καμ Βουρλα


From Theologos to Agios Konstantinos the distance is about 49 km and to Kamena Vourla 57 km.


Agios Konstantinos


Agios Konstantinos is just a few kilometers away from Kamena Vourla. It is considered to be a very important port for the Sporades (Skopelos, Skyros, Alonissos, Skiathos and North Euboea because it has a connection with Lake Evia and Agios Georgios.) There are also frequent ferry services to the harbor of Thessaloniki and Volos, Limnos and Kavala as well as Pelion, at the port of Platanias, located at the southern tip of the imposing mountain.

Before completing the highway, Agios Konstantinos has always been a preferred stopover and passage of travelers to and to Northern and Central Greece. The beautiful square of Agios Nikolaos with the open-air theater and the big plane trees, with tavernas and cafes, was a point of relaxation before the visitors continued their journey. With the creation of the new highway, Agios Konstantinos was freed from the sort of cars that were passing through his small road. A visit to this place will bring you moments of relaxation by visiting the beautiful square and harbor.

After 8 km of the coastal road, you will be taken to Kamena Vourla. In addition, a few kilometers before arriving at Agios Konstantinos you will find the summer resort of Loggos.


Καμ Βουρλα