Archaeological Site of Delphi



Delphi and Mythology


The archaeological site of Delphi is a land full of history and countless finds of great importance. The site of Delphi was for many centuries the spiritual and religious center of Ancient Greeks. This is the location of the most famous and important oracle of the ancient times, the oracle of Delphi and the Panhellenic sanctuary. In Greek mythology we find the following story. Zeus, the King of the Gods sent two eagles who were tasked to find the center of the world. The eagles met in Delphi.


Nowadays, the site of Delphi has been duly honored and recognized worldwide as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apart from this, Delphi receives many visitors each year, as it is one of the most popular destinations in Greece. Delphi is an important part of the great history of Greece. The well-known oracle ,the  historical finds, the archaeological museum and of course the beautiful scenery make up the unique picture of Delphi.


Excavations in this place where begun by Germans in 1860. Subsequently, in 1891, the French excavations took place with the approval of the Greek Goverment. More specifically, the French School of Athens was given the approval to launch the ”Great Excavation” at the place where the Kastri village was located. Kastri eventually moved to where the city of Delphi is today. It is worth mentioning that the Archaelogical Museum is just few kilometers away.


Delphi Museum




In the archaeological museum we find the excellent exhibits from the excavations that have taken place over the years. In fact, the museum is recently renovated which means that it provides important information about the history of the oracle and the land. The first of the buildings was built in 1903 and repairs, renovations and extensions were made throughout the 20th century. This was done to serve as much visitors as possible. It is worth visiting the museum and admiring world-class masterpieces such as Iniochos and the Sphinx of the Naxians.


Archaeological Site of Delphi – Monuments




To admire the special monuments in Delphi and to make the most of this experience the walk to the archaeological site is imperative. One of the most important monuments is the sanctuary of Apollo. In the sanctuary the High Priestess of God Apollo, Pythia gave its oracles in a special form with the interpretation of the oracles being performed by the priests of the temple. Notable monuments in the surrounding archaeological site are the Stoa of Athenaeum, the Temple of Athena Pronaia, the Athenian Treasure, the Ancient Stadium and the Ancient Theater ( with a capacity of 5.000 visitors) and some more.





The distance between Theologos and Delphi is about 96 km.